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6 L LLY Duramax EGR cooler, or if you just want to prevent future headaches  p2457 exhaust gas recirculation cooler efficiency bellow threshold Try to beg, borrow other diag tooling to get some reliable fault codes and  EGR Cooler Failure. testers. 4L. Important: Leaks from the EGR cooler may allow exhaust gas air to pass to the engine coolant passage within the EGR cooler. The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system consists of two egr coolers and an egr valve. These radiators plumbed into the intake system do their job at keeping the air we breathe healthier by cooling and recirculating unburned gases back through the combustion process. Topping the list was failure of the factory EGR cooler. Failure Date: 12/16/2017. The fix is to replace the egr cooler. Another issue that commonly gets misdiagnosed is the oil cooler getting blocked off by debris in the coolant system. The biggest cause of EGR/DPF problems is using diesels for short runs or stop/start driving. No Dan, a bad EGR valve will not cause air to get into the system. Mar 15, 2019 The H-Core technology was developed to resist the common causes of EGR cooler failure. While the EGR coolers are made from good quality stainless steel, the design of. EGR Failure. 0 Powerstroke? Diesel Power Products carries a variety of products to fix the most common problems associated with the issues surrounding the 03-07 6. The 6. • Premature Injector Failure. The first and most common cause is of course restricted coolant flow. If you have ANY of these 3 symptoms, it is a strong indicator that you have a leaking EGR cooler. Poses a huge safety issue for cars trailing a failing engine due to thick white clouds of smoke. Re: What actually causes EGR cooler failure? A few things come to mind. EGR Cooler Failure Kills Powerstroke Engine There is a common problem we see after an EGR Cooler failure. If the EGR cooler is found to be at fault, dealers are to replace the EGR cooler. During hard acceleration of the car while getting on the free way ramp, the car went into limp mode. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems make engine combustion less efficient, compromising economy and power. 00 + VAT £1096. When there is an EGR Cooler rupture, coolant gets down into the exhaust system and then works its way back into the engine. This happened on 200. Failure to inspect the EGR cooler for leaks may lead to a misdiagnosis of air in the engine cooling system. This service must be performed at no charge to the vehicle owner. . 39 I unfortunately at the moment cannot afford for Audi to fix this problem so i need to buy the parts myself The EGR cooler is more or less a small radiator that is a part of the engine’s cooling system, which as the hot exhaust gas passes through the cooler will cool the exhaust gas before reaching the intake manifold. • Most of  5 Feb 2015 It also redesigned the EGR cooler, providing more room for exhaust The main failure on the Maxxforce 13 was and still is “Serviceabilty”. Here are three indicators of a bad EGR Cooler: White Smoke - while that pesky Valve can cause an abundance of black smoke billowing from the pipes, a failing EGR Cooler actually emits white smoke, or steam, caused by evaporating coolant inside the cooler. 4L cooler valves! Check out our huge in-house stock! Loss of Coolant - all that coolant evaporating inside the cooler and then blown out through the exhaust will ultimately cause your coolant levels to drop. Hand Cleaning of Oil and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Coolers Efficiency functioning of your car’s Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) cooler is essential to its emission control. THE EGR COOLER SOLUTION Bostech has the EGR cooler problem solved. 0L Power Stroke EGR Coolers: The 2006 Ford F-250 has 5 problems reported for egr and egr cooler failure. The EGR cooler is a simple device that simple diverts a portion of the exhausts that are formed during the regular operation of the diesel engine through a tube that includes a series of honeycombs or steel tubes that slow down the movement of the gas and encourage the transfer of heat energy from the gas to the powerstroke filter material before pumping it back through the combustion chambers. The EGR system flow is excessive. CarComplaints. The EGR cooler is one of several problems encountered on diesel engines, especially the Ford 6. With the help of a flashlight, look inside the cooler pipe and see if the surface is wet or gooey. 0L EGR systems flowed from the exhaust, through the coolers, then to the valve. The cool side of the EGR system regardless of whether the valve is on the beginning end or the back end is going to be the side that clogs. If you're tired of clogs and the possibility of a catastrophic failure with the stock 6. In internal combustion engines, exhaust gas recirculation is a nitrogen oxide emissions reduction technique used in petrol/gasoline and diesel engines. " However, this option doesn't work . The EGR cooler puts an extra load on the engine cooling system. Problems in other systems may cause this same symptom as well: a leaking fuel injector, bad ignition timing, bad cylinder compression, bad oxygen sensor, or other problems. The cooler utilizes larger than OE diameter tubes with a thicker wall to reduce clogging, extend life, and resist failure. Another symptom of a bad or failing EGR cooler is a Check Engine But it goes through the one side of the EGR cooler and then out the other side so there is a cool side. I was just reading an update about EGR valve's and failure's. Exhaust leak. Most people make an expensive mistake of ignoring this warning sign. Now my personal thought is that a new egr valve combined with the new software will equal a higher rate of valve failure through increased activity of an inadequate part, and a knock on effect of the cooler, intake and pipework becoming blocked through the greater particulate matter the engine is creating. EGR: Diesel's Necessary Evil. Coolant was being burned off so no external leak was present. 4L and 6. The EGR (or Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Cooler cools exhaust gases after they exit the engine so the gas can go back into the engine without carrying any excess heat into the mix. DPF/DEF/EGR System Deletion: For racing and off road applications it is possible to delete these systems with the proper programming. This is how I diagnose an EGR cooler before I pull anything apart. A vacuum leak will cause the EGR to work harder, overheating the device. Once inside the EGR cooler, this overheated coolant is flash boiled by the hot exhaust gasses flowing in the adjacent channels. EGR Cooler Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tips Vehicle exhaust systems are now equipped with an EGR cooler that lowers the temperature of exhaust gases as they are re-circulated into the engine. The egr system on these Trucks combined with the swirl valve intake manifold is a time bomb. Soak-and-Rinse Shootout. 2. I suppose you could weld them back up but they broke for a reason in the first place. Bostech has developed a process of making the cooler much more reliable and maintenance free. 6. Long story-short, the EGR cooler was leaking internally and had to be replaced. 0 Powerstroke Common Issues and How to Fix Them. Also, the reservoir cap will need to be replaced as well. S. A restricted oil cooler will cause reduced coolant flow to the EGR cooler, causing it to melt down. The EGR cooler is a critical component of the EGR system, particularly for Diesel engines. 0 TDi CR it is at the front and pretty easy to whip off and clean (or throw away if are doing a DPF delete as well). If you're lucky, you end up with a blown head gasket, but more often than not the result is hydraulic locking of the engine, bent rods, washed bearings, and other fun stuff. Sorry I cant help the OP with a russian source for IH parts. Exhaust gas enters the lower horizontal egr cooler from the driver’s side exhaust manifold. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing EGR Cooler Check Engine Light may illuminate. Plugged exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers are the bane of every diesel pickup owner. 000k and was replaced with new one which only lasted 10000 k do you think i am better off bypassing the egr cooler ? Failure to inspect the EGR cooler for leaks may lead to a misdiagnosis for engine coolant in the combustion chamber. EGR Cooler - 268. An EGR valve. Driving style, (driving hard off the mark etc) Poor quality fuel, Poor servicing etc. Retrofit EGR Systems. This EGR Cooler looks and fits just like a stock product, the only thing missing: the factory EGR cooler problems. 7L Powerstroke design has the EGR flow from the hot exhaust, to the valve, then if the valve is open through the coolers. 25 to 2007, E-Series 2004. Check Engine Light may illuminate; External engine coolant leak; Internal engine coolant leak resulting in smoke  Aside from head gasket failure, leaking EGR coolers and clogged or leaking engine oil coolers are the most dreaded as well as the most predictable failures  Diesel EGR coolers use engine coolant to reduce exhaust gas temperatures before optimal temperature range are at risk of failing NOx emissions inspections. One a vt365 and a 2007 466. Before injecting spent exhaust gas into the engine, its temperature must be reduced, and the EGR Cooler accomplishes this task by reducing as much as 700 degrees F from the exhaust gas. • EGR Cooler analysis is conducted to detect and prevent possible failures during the upfront development stage. 0 liter. Engine overheating. Sinister has taken the headaches out of EGR coolers by removing the factory material inside. NO x is produced in high temperature mixtures of atmospheric nitrogen and oxygen that o "EGR cooler failure" This is a discussion on "EGR cooler failure" within the RAM 1500 Diesel Mechanical forums, part of the RAM 1500 Diesel Garage - RAM 1500 Diesel Mechanics Corner category; Hey all, Sorry in advance if this topic has been covered before its been awhile since I've been on here. com : Car complaints, car problems and defect information EGR cooler failure, in case you haven't experienced it, is quite dramatic. Using published diagnostics in Workshop Manual and the Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis (PC/ED) manual, determine the root cause of the engine failure. This cooler has been out on the market since 2008. Ford's fix was to move the EGR valve to the hot side of the system which cured most EGR valve issues. Diesel engines, unlike gas engines, produce an enormous amount of soot through engine combustion. It then passes through the vertical egr cooler which is visible when you open the hood. What causes an EGR cooler to go bad? With any car repair it can be difficult to spot the exact reason why any part may have gone out or worn out. One of the first symptoms of a potential problem with 2. EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation. Loading Unsubscribe from BulletProofDiesel? ISX How To Check Your EGR Cooler For Leaks by Rawze - Duration: 12:02. We fitted a new cooler with the engine rebuild, and that also failed in a few weeks. An exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler is used to cool off the exhaust gases before they are recirculated back into the combustion process. Motivation for EGR Cooler Modelling. EGR cooler. The EGR takes the exhaust fumes and sends them back into the engine, which decreases the chemicals released through the exhaust system. I have a VCDS and have been trying to make sense of the data that I am seeing. Exacerbating the situation, the shaft on the EGR valve was prone to failure, allowing in a free-flow of soot-saturated exhaust. The black gooey mess is caused by the hot coolant interacting with the hot exhaust and literally steam cleaning your EGR valve. Pass exhaust with un-burnt diesel fuel through that condensation and you get the nastiest sludge you have ever seen in a truck part. • Engine Oil break-down due to high temperatures. We all know that the 6. 25 to 2010, and the Excursion 2004. I just replaced 2 egr coolers in the last week . I want to talk today about EGR cooler failure in a 6. The carbon buildup in the  What is the best most proven way to determine a bad headgasket or egr cooler? Also debating bringing it to a shop to have it diagnosed. now its at a  Grizzly Air offers EGR Coolers that provide outstanding performance and increased When coolant flow is inhibited for any reason failure of crucial engine  I'm sure there are numerous posts regarding the EGR Cooler Recall . 4 shares this issue with the 6. BMW Starts Technical Campaign to Fix Faulty Diesel EGR Valves in the EU. 3. There are cheaper EGR coolers available, but in the long run, the TamerX Diesel Products extreme duty EGR cooler will save you money. 06R0755297 with a bar fin & plate EGR cooler (23531404, 23532687, or 23533272), and has an EGR cooler failure, the component will need to be replaced with an EGR Cooler Kit. With EGR  Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves cause more than their fair share of problems. failure. Now I suppose if the shop installed a used EGR cooler, and that one is cracked internally then air could get into the cooling system, but if they installed a new one, then I doubt it. 2003 model year Power Strokes have a round EGR cooler, which is less prone to failure than the less efficient square cooler found on 2004 to 2007 model year engines. External engine coolant leak. MaxxForce DT Diesel Engine EGR Cooler Failure. com offers a wide selection of Powerstroke 6. Engine failure. SERVICE PROCEDURE. EGR Cooler leaking. Average repair cost is $4,320 at 108,650 miles. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing EGR Cooler 1. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing EGR Cooler 1. I had the same egr leak. This kit contains an updated tube and shell bolted flange cooler as well as other right side components needed for the cooler installation. Another issue of a problem with the EGR cooler is exhaust leaks. 27 Labour 5. A DPF deleted 6. 0hrs 625. In EGR coolers, the engine coolant acts as the cooling The most frequent cause of failure is a. Check Engine Light comes on. When there is an EGR Cooler rupture, coolant gets down into the exhaust system and then  Symptoms of a Bad or Failing EGR Cooler. The new 6. 7 Powerstroke diesel runs extremely well. 0 Power Stroke diesel egines have a round EGR cooler, which is less prone to failure than the less efficient square cooler found on 2004 to 2007 model year engines. A faulty EGR valve may result in a stalled car. The cause was the rear elbow at the cooler had worked it’s way out of the housing which caused the problem. Most OE EGR coolers utilize a variation of the shell and tube heat exchanger that use flat tubes with internal channels. Just like any automotive cooling device, however, this cooler is also prone to leaks that can affect its efficiency over time. The engine performance was degraded and I had to pull on the side of the road to restart the car. If you have a bad EGR cooler, you would find a black gooey mess in the valve. What it is doing it forcing the exhaust to go into the coolant through this leak. The exhaust entering EGR coolers in diesel engines major consideration in EGR cooler durability indicate area of thermal fatigue failure. The EGR & EGR cooler have grown. Prior to making any replacement of this component, the installer should be sure that they are able to perform the task well. 0 Powerstroke equipped trucks. 7L and compare the system to the 6. water (cooling medium) into the engine and perhaps cause a catastrophic failure. For many, the first response is to "remove it. Due to the operation of the EGR throttle, the turbocharger may operate under vacuum. Gas Recirculation Valve (egr Valve) problem of the 2011 BMW X5 2. EGR valves have been causing problems for years, the VW defeat software was designed to put a Car in a different mode for test conditions to cheat the U. 0L and 6. I blocked the egr at the valvle and in the tube on the cold side of the motor, I gained abour . Regarding the figures 11, 12, & 13, ring failure ( 0. To confirm if these problems are caused by the cooler, detach the EGR valve and take a closer look. It works by preventing a portion of the exhaust gases from leaving the vehicle, reintroduces it into the engine, and removes nitrous oxide from the exhaust gas, thereby reducing the emissions from your car. Also, because the combustion chambers are cooler, the engine as a whole fuel consumption, turbocharger failure and, sometimes, total engine failure. 7 that is clogged on one side so there is  There is a common problem we see after an EGR Cooler failure. Product Details. Now, a loss of coolant isn’t always indicative of EGR Cooler failure, but when accompanied by white smoke, it’s a pretty safe bet. 1. that includes R&R of egr cooler, Oil cooler and some time to flush and refill cooling system and oil change or venting of water A BMW EGR cooler recall has been issued to prevent fires in 1. 0L's have notorious issues with failure of the EGR coolers. If an affected vehicle exhibits any of the conditions listed above, dealers must perform Workshop Manual and/or Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis (PC/ED) manual diagnostics to determine the root cause of the failure. In that time, we have helped thousands of Power Stroke owners just like you cure their EGR cooler problems! This EGR cooler replaces the OEM P/N: 4C3Z-9P456-AC and fits the F-Series 2004. Luckily they are so much easier to replace than previous engines. By replacing them, your problem will be solved. This EGR Cooler is a 100% NEW unit, not remanufactured, thus does NOT require your core to be returned. Understanding BRM EGR function and failure symptoms My 2006 Jetta BRM has not been providing the fuel economy that I expect, even though the car seems to run very well. We had one in our workshop recently. May 10, 2016 I have had injector after injector installed and they just keep failing! I have replaced the EGR cooler 3 times in the last year and nobody can tell  Lack of regular maintenance leads to exhaust carbon buildup in EGR Cooler. It only will smoke and miss a little if I step on it a little make some boost then it starts acting up. Luckily we caught it this time, which saved the motor. They read the computer and the diagnosis is the EGR cooler is stuffed and want $1700 to replace it. Failure to inspect the EGR cooler for leaks may lead to a misdiagnosis for engine coolant in the combustion chamber. Feb 11, 2014 EGR Engines still plague owners of older trucks with problems. EGR reduces engine combustion temperature, which prevents the formation of Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) pollutants. EGR Cooler Function Diesel engines provide superior fuel economy and longevity when compared to gas engines, but do require more service. 6TDI (mine was forever going into limp mode from new :-() the EGR is at the back of the engine and the DPF needs remoiving AFAIK to get to it. Rapid heating and cooling a small area of air creates condensation. Apr 22, 2019 The term “EGR Cooler” has and will continue to become more popular in diesel repair shops in the United States and around the world. 2003 model year 6. The cooler cracks due to the heat, and coolant leaks into the exhaust which is then drawn into the intake of the engine. Immediately available applications include the  Mar 19, 2010 here is the situation, it was in an accident and the radiator was damaged , it was run until overheated and resevoir was empty. Ford is aware of the issue but refuses to acknowlege the problem with the engine and issue a recall. On the 2. Oil cooler should be replaced at the same time if egr cooler failed. Both cracked on the outside and spewing coolant on the outside of the engine. Egr cooler failure, oil cooler failure and burning coolant thru exhaust. Re: EGR Cooler failure I need to know the symptoms. To eliminate clogging, we replaced the factory material with stainless steel tubes that allow for better gas flow. Failure of this component may lead to instable combustion and abnormal engine performance. 25 to 2005 model years. In LPL EGR systems, an EGR filter and special compressor coatings may be required to protect the turbocharger compressor from the effect of solid particles dislodged from the exhaust system, accumulation of resin-like deposits, corrosive acids and erosion from liquid droplets. The TamerX Diesel EGR cooler lasts longer, works better, and has a lower operating cost than any other EGR cooler. Air or engine coolant can be used to cool the EGR gases. A little too much coolant for an egr cooler, another vote for head gasket. Since the radiator cap is set at 10 psi and the pressure from cooler failures can get as high as 25 psi a substantial amount of coolant blows out of the radiator cap. Sometimes International will send one with the cooler kit, sometimes not. With EGR coolers, for example, external leaks were not reliable indicators of an internal failure. While blocked coolant flow is a common cause for EGR cooler failure on a 6. The efficiency of the turbocharger compressor may decrease due to using hotter gas, as well as due to the throttling of the intake air. Coolant in the oil will also be present in our oil sample reports. When combined with carbon and oil sediments, this deposit can become combustible. 6 (5. 0 Powerstrokes. (Part $800, five hours labour, at dealer's workshop rates! I must query that, are they really charging out the tech's time at around $150 an hour) The car is relatively recently out of warranty and we got no love from VW Australia on the cost. While most of the EGR Coolers as Indicators of Internal Failure. The Amarok is a van with an important electronic system and, when it loses pressure or it feels flat, you need to check the intercooler hoses, instead of replacing the EGR valve which is really expensive. If this is the case, then it means the cooler is damaged or its gaskets are loose enough to allow coolant to leak into the exhaust assembly. It is also advised that since you have the leak to also replace the EGR valve along with it. Similarly, The root cause for the EGR cooler failure (in most instances) is mostly caused by the engine oil cooler partially clogging up inside and the coolant in the EGR cooler gets too hot due to low circulation, it will begin to deteriorate the solder joints in the EGR cooler as the over heated antifreeze (often boiling) leaves the oil cooler in route to the EGR cooler, causing it to leak over time. Emissions failure due to high NOx. EGR Cooler. Internal engine coolant leak resulting in smoke from exhaust. They diagnosed the problem pretty quick as an EGR failure and a  with EGR coolers is becoming increasingly widespread. This happens because the exhaust gas first gets cooled through the cooler and is allowed to dead end on the colder EGR valve. 5 to 6. Feb 1, 2018 White Smoke - while that pesky Valve can cause an abundance of black smoke billowing from the pipes, a failing EGR Cooler actually emits  Jan 7, 2016 Usually a bad or failing EGR cooler will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential problem that should be serviced. The egr system breaks down the coolant due to the extreme temperatures the exhaust gasses place on the coolers. They assume that since they can not find or see the leak, it must not actually be a leak. A trusted mechanic may be able to repair the EGR valve instead of replacing it. I take the end off of my radiator pressure tester and run the hose into a jug of water so I can see the bubbles from the pressure escaping. 0, a rapture or clogged EGR cooler can occur on other engines where the EGR cooler has enough coolant. Thanks everyone for the input on the EGR cooler, I took my truck to the dealer yesterday and "suggested" that could be the issue with my Ram ecodiesel, they just kinda blew me off then called me back at the end of the day and told me they determined it was the EGR cooler and they were going to order part, may take 1 1/2 weeks to get parts plus The EGR coolers have also been known to fail and leak coolant into the exhaust system (white smoke is typically noticed coming from the exhaust, which is steam). This can easily be explained when you have a bad EGR cooler - the EGR cooler is simply leaking the coolant back into the exhaust system, not outside of the engine. The faulty part of the EGR, the one that causes this issue, is the cooler. Jun 30, 2010 My truck is currently at the dealer and they're saying all 8 of my injectors are dead and need to be replaced as well as my EGR Cooler and Oil  A bit of research indicated this is a common problem and likely linked to a failure of the EGR Cooler unit - a cracked pipe resulting in the need  Dec 24, 2018 “The BMW fires were caused by flaws in design, which led to the boiling of the coolant, which in turn created a crack in the EGR cooler,  issues are a direct result of the engine oil cooler plugging or failing. This dilutes the O2 in the incoming air stream and provides gases inert to combustion to act as absorbents of combustion heat to reduce peak in-cylinder temperatures. When you see white smoke, call for help. The main components of EGR systems are EGR valves and EGR coolers. At first the engine did not even show a code, so they replaced the thermostat. Symptoms of a bad EGR cooler BulletProofDiesel. This produced a lot of wear at the EGR cooler housing where the steel sealing rings sit. Sadly on 1. 4mm pipe thickness) is due to forced vibration from the EGR cooler side. This was the primary cause of failure with the older models EGR systems. Egr cooler leaked gas into radiator causing engine to over heat. “What usually happens is you get an open flow of exhaust coming in at will, which is full of soot, because the engine is not combusting all the fuel completely and it goes into the EGR coolers,” Shick explained. This is an EGR cooler in a 6. The EGR cooler on this MBE 900 diesel engine developed a massive exhaust leak. This condition also dramatically speeds up EGR cooler rupture failure by overheating the EGR coolers heat exchanging core. Background: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler Fouling Exhaust gas laden with PM flows through the EGR cooler which causes the plugging failure. Over a period of time, the EGR coolers will fail, causing the engine coolant to enter the intake manifold. Is the EGR cooler the root cause of the engine failure? The 2006 Ford F-250 has 5 problems reported for egr and egr cooler failure. An increase in hydrocarbon emissions isn’t necessarily caused by a stuck-open EGR valve. Soot from the exhaust, when combined with oil vapor from the PCV system, causes buildup of sticky tar in the intake manifold and valves which reduces power, economy, reliability and lifespan of the engine. Developed specifically for the Pro Star* truck’s heavy duty engine, our cooler replaces the high temperature side OEM insert with our proprietary flexible tube technology. An issue with an EGR valve is often diagnosed through reading the car's diagnostic trouble codes. In some cases, small quantities of the glycol coolant can escape and build up in the EGR module. The folks at Bullet Proof Diesel, which is a division of Neal Technologies in Mesa, Arizona, say the EGR cooler failures were symptomatic of a much larger problem and replacing the cooler with another factory one only prolonged the agony and owner frustration. The EGR takes hot exhaust (carbon present) and runs it thru the EGR cooler and then throws it back into the piston to be burned again (non-combustible) and some how magically you have an exhaust that smells like soap and an engine with a bunch of residual carbon clogging everything from the head out to the tail pipe. When I returned home I removed the egr cooler and welded up bot air ports but left the water ports open. If your MAP senser gets plugged up with soot and dirt it will sometimes interfere with EGR functions. The EGR cooler is cracked and leaking. EGR works by recirculating a portion of an engine's exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders. CFD showing how  6 Nov 2018 The module uses a cooler that could leak, mixing coolant with diesel engine The fix: Dealerships will inspect the EGR cooler and replace it if  Results 1 - 24 of 1113 Complained to FL and was told, it could be an internal leak but if they tear This engine had coolant contamination due to the EGR cooler  EGR PIPE FAILURE ANALYSIS. It’s used as a means of keeping nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbon emissions down, and it does so by diluting the amount of fresh oxygen making its way into the combustion chamber with cooled exhaust gases. With a complicated part like the EGR cooler, there are two or three possible causes for failure and each points to the need for further service of your vehicle. The cooler for the EGR valve fails, and when it does it pumps water into the motor and the conrods bend under the force. This failure usually results in the loss of coolant from the coolant reservoir. Failure to repair or replace the ERG valve could increase emissions from the car. Running a small amount of exhaust gas back into the air intake allows the engine to have a more controlled combustion temperature in order to run more efficiently and produce less harmful exhaust. • Early Engine Wear due to Poorly Conditioned Engine Oil. EGR Cooler: Another hot issue is the new EGR design because the valve has been relocated from the cold side to the hot side. This generally happens when there is a blockage or contaminants in the oil cooler. Kept adding coolant trying to wait till power train warrenty was up and didn’t want to spend the 1500 on a new egr cooler that I was going to delete in a couple thousand miles. When the EGR cooler fails you always get thick white smoke out of the tailpipe-ALWAYS! The oil cooler is said to be the cause of EGR cooler failure, it plugs up on the coolant side restricting flow to the EGR cooler overheating the cooler. Looking for high-quality Ford EGR coolers? ForDiesels. So at this point, do purge any air using the bleeder valve, and top off the system. 6 million vehicles worldwide due to glycol leaks from the coolers. 2)mpg from OKC OK to Miami FL but was still losing water. This is caused by: The EGR valve mechanism is stuck open; The air filter is clogged or dirty; There are intake leaks; There could be a problem with the turbocharger; An incorrect vacuum hoses connection The egr and dpf system is a nightmare. Will EGR cooler leak cause it to smoke and miss a little after it has been shut down for 20min and started back up. A common problem with the Ford Powerstroke EGR is complete failure caused by a vacuum leak. 2003-2007 Ford Do you want a bulletproof 6. EGR Coolers as Indicators of Internal Failure. With many parts, there are specific reasons that often lead to failure and knowing a bit about these possible causes for failure can help you to keep your car up and running for far longer. Most OEM coolers are failing due to cracking, which causes the water and exhaust to mix, or from becoming clogged with exhaust deposits. The EGR Cooler fails because of a clogged or restricted Oil Cooler. Before you R&R your EGR take some spray cleaner (do not use brake parts cleaner, to hard on the plastics) and clean your MAP sensor. The diesel engine doesn’t create heat like a gasoline engine. Vacuum supply issues at the (Vacuum operated EGR valve) Electrical problems with the EGR valve control circuit . M1M EGR Cooler upgrade for Navistar Trucks equipped with Maxxforce 11/13 Engines. egr cooler failure

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