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Champion información de resistencia. It requires high voltage such as the CT475 cleaner/tester. As carbon builds up, the insulation resistance of the spark plug drops and the voltage generated by  The world leader in spark plug technology for over 80 years. [V] Shell Design - This refers to the thread size and reach of the spark plug. You may also find the Champion spark plug code helpful. There are no terms for this letter. A resistor is exactly what the word implies. Does that mean I could use ANY one of them (RCJ7Y or RCJ6Y or BPMR7A) in either machine? How EXACT do they need of the electrical discharge across the spark plug. According to Champion spark plug applications chart, the correct gap for 1995 Chevy Tahoe 350 engine is . 000126~0. Advanced Cutting Technology Terminal nut locked. [15] Heat Range - The middle number indicates the heat range of the spark plug, the higher the number the hotter the heat range. Yes. Champion CJ8 Spark plug designs generally attempt to strike a balance between two goals: improved performance and long life. The sudden increase in spark plug insulator temperature caused by rapid acceleration lowers the resistance of the existing compounds and may result in spark Platinum Longlife. Also, as a general rule, the largest spark plug wire shouldn't exceed 50,000 ohms of resistance in your reading for resistive wires like those with fiber glass core. There are additional decodes available for NGK US specification plugs. To find the right Tempest Aviation Spark Plugs for your engine, see our complete application guide Racing Heat Range and Tuning Guide. Industrial Spark Plugs. (More comparison chart) (Denso to NGK, Beru to NGK, Bosch to NGK, Champion to NGK) Ok, now here's another one. Stock No. They each have a . The CT475 high voltage test does two things. Champion Spark Plugs Are the World's #1 Selling Spark Plug. Plug images are located on the opposite page. Champion Spark Plug Resistor Test. Interlux Trilux 33 Antifouling Bottom Paint Gallon Rapid Rooter with 50 cell plastic tray and plugs by General Hydroponics. , Ltd. I have a bp blower that requires a Champion RCJ7Y, and a hedger that requires a RCJ6Y. The silicon carbide resistor is a high voltage device and cannot be tested with a. Catch the deals before they're gone! Yes. Advanced rectangular bar design provides improved ignitability and longer life. . Ngk Spark Plug Gap Chart. Converts between NGK, Autolite, Champion, Denso, Bosch and Accel spark plugs! Select the manufacturer of your current spark plug, then enter the number of the plug below. See recommendations sections for specific engine application. It is possible, with care, to decode the construction of Champion sparkplugs. Two different plugs right (one's 7Y, one's 6Y)?. If the damaged mag was replaced without replacing the spark plug, the new mag would be damaged in short order. In this case change spark plug or dry it, and remove fuel rest in the cylinder by pulling starter. S. Champion Small Engine Flip Chart. There is a problem adding to cart. To set the spark plug gap correctly, you need to use a spark plug gap tool. Parts are just part of what we do. 2. Please try again later. 1. Stay connected with top Autolite sponsored teams and events throughout Spark plug gap should be made as small as possible, while still maintaining performance. The spark plug Cross references are for general reference only. Resistor type spark plug's incorporate an internal resistor to suppress ignition noise generated   Learn how & where to find the right spark plug and a gap chart to guide you through Platinum Extended Life*, 496018S (RC14YC - Resistor - Hot) . Introduction. The perfect replacement plugs for lawn, garden, and similar small engine machines. ) There is lots and lots and lots of resistance until there is a spark. S resistor technology and Hot Lock, our plugs are able to withstand today's high-temperature / high-load service environments. Champion Spark Plug Company's Engineering Manual gives the nominal value for  There is no separate resistance check for Champion Aviation spark plugs. This unique and  Learn how & where to find the right spark plug and a gap chart to guide you plug - hotter spark (Replaces Champion RC14YC), 496018S 5092 . Add To Cart. ), Inc. Resistor type spark plugs reduce the amount of radio frequency interference (RFI) that can cause ignition misfires and static on the radio. Denso has a smaller . 12 page guide by Champion Sparking Plug Co. 13. The silicon carbide resistor is a high voltage device and cannot be tested with a standard ohm meter. This worked just fine but now we have removed the cement, which is going to pose a big problem if you keep leaning down waiting for the cement to boil out. Surface-discharge spark plugs have been produced by inter alia, Denso, NGK, Champion and Bosch. Race proven, racer approved. Trust the brand more OEM’s rely on — it’s all part of our heritage. The resistance of a plug with SAC-9 suppressors are capable of combating typical RFI, but cannot be accurately measured with typical low voltage ohmmeters. NEW Questions & Answers for the Champion RCJ6Y Ask us about the Champion RCJ6Y 852 Spark Plug. Click on the application link below to find the right Champion plug for your vehicle! Champion plugs are priced individually but may only be ordered in sets of 4. Get yours online today and pick up in store . Tune up your outdoor equipment with our Champion small engine spark plugs. If you are looking for performance you want to use non-resistor spark plugs. The symbol is composed Has any one else encountered a problem with excessive resistance in their automotive spark plugs, Champion or otherwise? Is my information correct that we should be looking for a maximum of 4,000 to 6,500 Ohms resistance in a resistor spark plug? Should I relegate my brand new Champion spark plug, with 60,000 Ohms resistance, to the dust bin? We also saw a number of cases where high-resistance Champion plugs caused serious internal arc-over damage to Slick magnetos (mostly in Cirrus SR20s). There is no separate resistance check for Champion Aviation spark plugs. Non-resistor spark plugs deliver a more powerful spark. SMALL ENGINE Spark PLugs. Champion Spark Plug Company’s Engineering Manual gives the nominal value for their resistor type of aviation spark plugs as 1000 - 1500 ohms (no +/- value is shown, but minus 400 and plus 1000 probably wouldn’t be unreasonable). IMPORTANT • This engine is already tuned up to get high power and high speed, and needs correct maintenance to keep such high performance. New high voltage connector for increased flash-over resistance. II. Please no repair questions. New Spark Plug Resistance Resistance values differ between manufacturers. Does that mean I could use ANY one of them (RCJ7Y or RCJ6Y or BPMR7A) in either machine? How EXACT do they need NGK Spark Plugs superior design ensures optimal service life and performance. CHAMPION AEROSPACE has been made aware of a marketing company who has maximum resistance value of any aviation spark plug is 5,000 ohms. 1 mm Platinum centre electrode and Platinum tipped ground electrode ensure optimal performance; Platinum’s superior resistance to erosion and corrosion enables DENSO Platinum plugs to create a spark plug capable of consistent, extended operation of up to 100,000 kilometres Register Log In Home Forums Lawn Mower and Small Engine Difference between RJ19HX and RJ19LM? anti-foul resistance. Yamaha Spark Plug Application Charts Here you can find the recommended Spark Plug for Yamaha Motorcycles, Motorsports, Water and Utility Engines. Air What is the right spark plug and gap for my small engine? Checking and changing spark plugs is an essential step in routine small engine maintenance and when troubleshooting problems with your lawn mower , snow blower or other outdoor power equipment. When you are in a pinch for a spark plug and your preferred brand is out of stock, a quick check of the spark plugs cross-reference chart can help you out. 000 other spark plugs. Not sure of the plug gap Our generous in-stock selection of Champion racing plugs ensures that we probably have the plugs you need when you need them. Champion Symbol Code. With modern sophisticated engines, new ceramics and superior alloys for spark plugs, the job of selecting a plug for a specific engine has become more critical. 4mm center electrode which may or maynot be any better. A good spark plug should show an open circuit between the center electrode and the tip. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm PST: Ignition Coil on Plug Boots Glow Plugs Hardware Ignition Coils Ignition Wires Spark Plugs. The cause-and-effect relationship was pretty obvious. Just so their is no confusion, Denso, NGK and CHAMPION all make certified iridium plugs. There are several types of spark plug wires available with some better suited to specific vehicle manufacturers. Below is NGK's spark plug part number decode. We also saw a number of cases where high-resistance Champion plugs caused serious internal arc-over damage to Slick magnetos (mostly in Cirrus SR20s). Each spark plug has its particular heat range For more than 80 years, it’s been the people behind our brands driving performance with the latest in spark plug and oxygen sensor technology, an expanded line of OE-quality technical sensors and a full range of advanced vehicle electronics. Champion COF102108S marine engine spin-on oil filter element for Beta Marine 28 BD1005 engines & some Yanmar engines. This reading also will  Shop for Champion Copper Spark Plug 412 412 with confidence at AutoZone. Ltd. ebaylogo. Champion . Spark plug internal resistance is usually 5KΩ for each instance. LawnMowerPros has the Champion spark plugs for your small Champion spark plugs stand up to high temperatures, pressures, and deposits. Champion RJ19LM Spark Plug (868) #1 Best Seller in Champion Spark Plugs CHAMPION RJ19LM RESISTOR TYPE SPARK PLUG Find the right Champion RJ19LM Spark Plug OEM Part for your small engines at LawnMowerPros. The chart below is based on our preferred brand of plug, NGK. Kohler spark plug 14 132 11, 1413211, 14-132-11 cross references and replaces NGK plug DCPR6E, also as NGK3481 3481. Purchase the Champion RJ19LM Spark Plug you need to repair your equipment today. Designed with precious metals, F. By Larry Anglisano. Naturally occurring microbes colonize in the root zone and help provide a good air to water ratio making for very rapid root growth. 13/16” 7/8” 18mm B-Series Category Overview Champion® Iridium FB77WPCC KB77WPCC RB77WPCC RB77WPC Champion Copper RB77CC RB75N RB77N KB75N Spark Plug Gap setting is important for proper engine operation. Oil filter replaces Z68 and F108/606. 7mm center electrode. But when I cross reference them to NGK plugs, I get one plug, BPMR7A. [Shandong,China] Business Type: Manufacturer Main Mark: Africa , Americas , Asia , Europe , Middle East , Oceania Exporter: 41% - 50% Certs The outer frame is made of steel, the shelves and the drawers are made of aluminium, to reduce the overall weight of the saddle box 3 drawers Top left unit separately locked for documents and other valuable things Three bridle hangers Equipped with 4 Before the spark is established the resistance of the mag coil, + the spark plug wire + the spark plug is infinity (Very high. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm PST: Live Customer Service & Technical Support: Champion 5861 RJ19LM EZ Start Plug. Take a better look at your meter, no offense intended. CHAMPION NGK MEGA-FIRE AUTOLITE BOSCH DENSO Spark plug cross reference chart Sparkplug-crossreference. Had some issues with short life, especially with the UREM37BYs, with the internal resistor failing, and some problems with plug threads being a bit too big and jamming in the plug hole on the head. Spark plug heat range is the measure of how fast the spark plug tip dissipates combustion heat. N III B SERIES Solutions Driven by Performance. Shop Aircraft Spark Plugs. With Champion spark plugs, a higher number in the middle of the part designation designates a hotter spark plug. (Steel wire core leads and no resistors in the plugs) The replacement caps available today are usually 5KΩ, which is half the original specification. Electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences are generated at the time of the electrical discharge across the spark plug. For instance, if a Champion spark plug's number is RCJ6Y, the heat range is 6. 20". g. The first thing you have to learn is that there are some important differences in spark plugs' threaded ends, which are made in four diameters and lengths. Type de bougie. 040" For Guardian GT990 Engine. EVERY CHAMPION SPARK PLUG IS COMPOSED OF FIVE MAIN COMPONENTS 1. Filters. to wet spark plug. 030". A resistor is like an electronic obstacle and could be the cause for a weak spark. Champion *Note: This cross chart is for reference only. Resistor May 10, 2017 Anything and Everything You Want to Know About Spark Plugs WRITTEN BY: Dan VanderLey / Motorsports Engineer, Champion Spark Plug Co. LawnMowerPros has the Champion spark plugs for your small CHAMPION AVIATION SPARK PLUGS All Champion Aviation Spark Plugs are identified by type designations selected by virtue of the plug design as applied to the following Spark Plug Number and Symbol Chart. Kohler Spark Plug 14 132 11 cross reference and replacement plug. While most NGK spark plugs are pre-gapped, there are instances where the gap requires modification. Types of spark plug wires. 5V) ohm meter cannot bridge, causes effectively no resistance to the  Sep 10, 2017 CROSS REFERENCE CHART Our most popular Champion Brand spark plugs we sell. com is a web service that lets you find replacement spark plugs for your car, motorcycle, marine vehicle and lawnmover. A. ) 3/4” Reach 13/16” Hex For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl. Most plugs' thread diameter is a nominal 14 millimeters, but Honda -for example- uses 10mm plugs in small displacement engines and l2mm plugs spark all the Honda Fours. Jining Oking Tec Co. Ok, now here's another one. Champion place a resistor in there plugs for a reason. What spark plug does a homelite st 145 use? Champion DJ7Y. Featured Boating Supplies. installed in a 2004 Ford F-150 with a 5. Our resistor spark plugs are designed to suppress interferences with entertainment radio, television, digital data transmissions or any type electronic device. Stihl Plug Gap 0. 4 X NGK BKR5E V-Power Resistor OEM Power Performance Spark Plugs # 7938. Champion After seeing this "feature" in the Champion plugs, I opted to replace them with Tempest because, #1) they have a consistent, good resistance reading and #2) their design does away with the contact Champion Spark Plug Resistor Test . The shell is a threaded metal hex (made from extruded steel) that seals the combustion and makes it possible to install or remove the plug. Your Q&A may be posted to Jackssmallengines. 030”. Any resistance at all would mean the plug is bad. These one-piece plugs are an upgrade from the OEM design which used a two-piece crimped shell, and was notorious for coming apart during changes on Ford 3V Triton engines (enough so that Ford came out with a specially designed tool set to extract the remnants without having to remove the heads). Let's take a closer look: [R] Resistor - If an R is present, this indicates a resistor type spark plug. Ac Delco Spark Plug Heat Range Chart – what is an acdelco heat range chart the acdelco heat range chart is a chart that provides the heat rating in addition to other characteristics of the acdelco spark plugs the heat rating indicates the thermal characteristic of the spark plug or how hot or how cold the spark plug is the acdelco heat range chart is a chart that provides the heat rating in NGK Spark Plug Specification Chart 60 Spark plug charts are sorted by thread size, thread reach, hex size. SJKMarine - Complete selection of marine supplies. (They only coat them with iridium) NGK and Champion iridium plugs both have the same specs. Hotter plugs are listed above the colder plugs. Image Racing Spark Plugs 14mm Spark Plugs (cont. A spark plug is a device for delivering electric current from an ignition system to the combustion . 4L V8 3V Triton engine. Champion Resistor Information. Champion Spark Plugs is a well - known American brand of spark plugs (sometimes known as a sparking plug).   For reference, see our spark plug gap chart below, this chart converts metric For Champion spark plugs it is a little less logical and is as listed below: path of least resistance, spark gap is generally the closest point between the spark plug   Oct 30, 2018 We explain the differences between platinum spark plugs, copper spark plugs, and iridium spark plugs and help you decide which is right for  Learn how & where to find the right spark plug and a gap chart to guide you through gapping spark plugs in this Resistor (Replaces Champion RC12YC) Champion spark plugs of the same heat range and design. NOTE: This cross reference chart is intended to be a guide only. “I think the material choices are going to remain fairly stable,” Champion Product  38 replacement spark plugs for Champion QC12YC. Albert Champion (born in Paris on 4 April 1878 - 26 October 1927) began his career as a road bicycle racer. Due to differences in design, material, etc, plugs produced by various manufacturers do not have exact the same heat range. com. Copper Plus is available for all import and domestic vehicles and carries the best warranty of two years/unlimited mileage. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Plugs specially designed to handle the down-and -dirty demands of your outdoor equipment. 00252 inches/1,000 miles). Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk. Ltd &Honda Siel Power Products Ltd. CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS - REM40E All Champion Aviation Spark Plugs are identified by type designations selected by virtue of the plug design as applied to the following Spark Plug Number and Symbol Chart. Iridium “S” offers exceptional performance, even under the most demanding conditions. A little of topic but I just change the plugs on my turbo falcon after 100000k nearly no wear. spark plug, sparkplugs, AUTOLITE, CHAMPION, AC DELCO, AC PLUGS, ACCEL, ACURA, AJK, ALFA ROMEO, AUDI, BERU, BMW, BOSCH, BRISK, CHRYSLER, CITROEN, DAEWOO, DAIHATSU Below is NGK's spark plug part number decode. resistor was added to the Champion spark plug line in the mid-1990's. Non-resistor spark plugs, commonly sold without an "R" in the plug type part number, lack this element to reduce . Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. It must do this in a precise and controlled manner so the spark plug will: Stay cool enough to avoid pre-ignition and/or electrode destruction due to detonation. Champion ® Industrial plugs are engineered to keep industrial equipment running strong. champion 794 c61yc 14mm racing spark Fine wire plugs generally used on lower cylinder's where oil and lead can cause a problems. Available at our online store. What spark plug for my STIHL trimmer, chainsaw, or blower? Stihl Spark Plug Chart using Bosh and NGK Spark Plug cross-reference. Spark Plug Cross Reference Chart What Spark Plug Cross References to 794-00055? Kohler Spark Plug 14 132 11 Cross Reference Kawasaki Engine Spark Plug Cross Reference Guide Suzuki ATV Spark Plug Chart (NGK Brand Plugs) Kohler Engine Spark Plug Application Chart Tempest Tech-Tip The "right" Way to Check Spark plug Resistors. resistor, shell, seat), the used technology (e. 's family NGK's high quality internal resistor keeps engines running efficiently with less wear to the ignition system. If you get a higher reading than specified for your wires, replace all spark plug wires. Thank you. He was a top French cyclist who won major races and became involved in auto racing. The Society of  Every Champion spark plug product number holds detailed specifications about its different components (e. However, just because the electrodes read good does not mean the plug is good. 035 . spark plug application and information evinrude/johnson 1952-2010 evinrude/johnson motors ship with champion spark plugs. When the spark crosses the point of resistance some of the spark energy is lost. Normal Life A worn spark plug not only wastes fuel but also strains the whole ignition system because the expanded gap (due to erosion) requires higher voltages. This may account for the plugs not having the exact same heat ranges. im/OZ4TL 2 -1 ohms doesn't make sense. Teasel of Champion Spark Plug Company 1951 Aircraft Spark Plug and Ignition Conference Report Additionally, the electrical resistance of a compound decreases as its temperature rises. com to help other shoppers, like you, with their purchasing decisions. Spark Plugs Fit Stihl 2-Cycle Trimmers, Chainsaws, Hedge Clippers. High-frequency ignition technology:. Mr. In today’s plugs, a resistor is built in to eliminate radio frequency interference. Rapid Rooter is a unique starter plug made from composted tree bark. A wide spark plug gap can cause hard cold starting, misfires during rich or lean fuel conditions, and reduction of upper rpm range. Learn how & where to find the right spark plug and a gap chart to guide you through gapping spark plugs in this Briggs & Stratton small engine FAQ. Champion information de résistance. • The details for operation may be described in the separate owners manual to be GROUP 8 ELECTRICAL AND INSTRUMENTS CONTENTS PART 1—BATTERY Page Specifications • • • • 4 Battery Inspection 10 Gravity Test 1° Voltage Tests Manuals and free instruction guides. With over 50 years of expertise, NGK Spark Plugs (U. Our resistor spark plugs are  Auto manufacturers have been raising the bar in spark plug performance due to the need to The emergence of precious metal spark plugs is no different. Please view the inboard & outboard motor application guides below. Spark Plug Cross Reference Chart II. Other causes for carbon fouling include: causes-corrective. After the power stroke, all that heat needs to go somewhere, and the spark plug helps to transfer it from the cylinder to the cooling system. 's Competition Department, 1973. Champion Spark Plug Resistor Test . Champion’s New Plugs: Quietly Redesigned With little fanfare, Champion Aerospace redesigned its massive and fine wire spark plugs, but it’s too early to know if it solves insulator and resistance issues. Longer lasting than platinum spark plugs, Iridium “S” plugs resist lead attack and provide better scavenging than standard platinum plug designs. But A good example is the older Champion plugs had cement inbetween the center wire and the insulator, a lot of people looked for this cement to boil out the top as an indicator of heat. This applies to standard copper and platinum plugs. Save on Champion Copper Plus Small Engine- Boxed - RCJ6Y 852 at Advance Auto Parts. Resistor plugs help suppress spark plug noise, a valuable trait under certain circumstances. Others are RESISTOR PLUG, CHAMPION 859. New spark plug geometries for even longer life. Shop Champion Spark Plugs Online for Free Shipping Australia Wide on Orders over $50. when its tip becomes carbonized or whenever the resistance of the plug gets too significant. See cross reference chart for Champion RC12YC and more than 80. When one cylinder's spark plug has a resistance value of 4300, and another cylinder's plug having a resistance of 5400, would you think that it really matters? I used the Autolite (Unison) plugs for awhile a few years ago after Champion bought out Auburn and shut them down. Different manufacturers use different materials and designs in producing their plugs. Different plugs have different heat ranges, which determines their ability to dissipate that heat. Generally they have positions for different levels of resistance, from 2 ohms to 200k ohms; choosing the right setting will give you a better idea of the right reading, which should be around 2000 ohms. The CB550s had 10KΩ spark plug caps, for a total of 20KΩ in the coil secondary. Resistor type spark plugs typically include an "R" in the part number for ease of identification. Presently NGK Resistor Caps are OEM approved & fitted in India Yamaha Motor Pvt. The number in the middle of the letters used to designate the specific spark plug gives the heat range. RJ19LM EZ Champion 5861 Spark Plug. I. See cross reference chart for Champion QC12YC and more than 80. Over time, however, engine heat takes its toll on even the best spark plug wires, which is why changing spark plugs and wires is recommended by many manufacturers at 100,000 miles. To maintain a good secondary spark (multiple spark) within a wider rpm range it is wise to run a narrower spark plug gap. we recommend ngk instead, and traditional electrode-gap rather than surface-gap plugs where possible. But Champion Copper Plus is a spark plug line that leads the industry with innovative performance benefits. Tipo de bujía. You will also get longer wear out of a fine wire as oppose to a massive electrode plug. The F. Spark Plug Cross Reference Chart. Simply attach or hold a meter probe on each end of the cable and read the total resistance on the meter. Resistor type spark plugs reduce the amount of radio frequency   Use the digital multimeter, set to Ohms Ω. Find the user manual. Background. 4 Pack Spark Plug Champion RC14YC Wider Gap 0. These extremely reliable resistors are formed from strontium carbonate, aluminum oxide and copper oxide powders. VIII. Pictured Plug: FB77WPCC WPCC PP CC Champion® Iridium spark surface for improved resistance to wear. The spark plug helps small engines start quickly and features a design that resists fouling. of Champion RJ19LM plugs a year and about Champion - Typically Champion numbers in the same series the larger the number the hotter the plug. Ensure e˜ cient connection and resistance to vibration even in extreme situation. For reference, see our spark plug gap chart below, this chart converts metric measurements to standard. Please try again. Even so, there are huge differences between the resistance of different plugs of the same part number, enough of a difference to make the average resistance seem unimportant. Nov 14, 2013 Secondary resistance is measured between the coil + terminal and the secondary tower (where the spark plug connects). Repeat the previous two tests for each of the remaining spark plug wires. 3. Hot-Lock Nickel Plated Shell Seal dramatically increases strength, rigidity and resistance to lift. NGK Plug Caps application chart Over 800 items on the JThomas Garage Sale - UP TO 80% OFF - while quantities last. Champion spark plugs are original equipment on many outboard & inboard motors and are excellent replacements for everyday engine maintenance. SKU: #RJ19LM EZ. Autolight does not make certified iridium plugs. resistance throughout the plug’s service life. When you are in a pinch for a spark plug and your preferred brand is out of stock, a quick check of the spark plug cross-reference chart can help you out. Image Part No. Plug Type. Normal rates of gap growth are as follows: (0. It addresses checking spark plug resistance using a low voltage ohmmeter. 389 replacement spark plugs for Champion RC12YC. Once there is a spark then you have a circuit consisting of the Mag coil, spark plug wire, spark plug resistor if any, and the engine block. First Fire 3/4-in Spark Plug for 2-Cycle Engine and 4-Cycle Engine at Lowe's. Most Champion "R" type resistor plugs are Champion SAC-9 suppressors. An Ohm meter, which is part of a multimeter, can only check a spark plug for a short circuit or a breakdown of insulation resistance. Discussion about the “right” way to check spark plug resistance can go on until the cows come home. NGK Racing NGK Standard Part No. Champion Spark Plugs. , Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. we have found that the surface-gap plugs, while lasting longer, seem to have a slight performance hit over the standard plugs. Small engines deserve Champion ® power. A variety of materials and specifications are used to create spark plugs that make starting your engine easier, improve power, increase fuel economy and last for a longer period without replacement. TEMPEST AVIATION SPARK PLUG APPLICATION CHART Not a complete list. champion spark plug resistance chart

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